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How Frequently You Should Use Your Fusion Pen

A lot of our customers are excited to receive their therapy pen but are not sure how long, how often, and when to do their treatments. The best recovery strategies vary from person to person but we have some general tips depending on your goals: 

Pain Relief

In general, we recommend using the therapy pen one to three times a day. Each session should last 10-15 minutes and there should be a 5-30 minute break between each session. However, this varies depending on the type of pain you are having.

  • Active Pain: Use the pen any time you experience pain. 
  • Preventing Pain: Use the pen once per day to prevent pain or reducing effects of pain triggers (stress, exercise, travel)
  • Maintenance: After your pain has been resolved you can continue with occasional treatment. This could be once per month or every other week to ensure healthy blood flow. 

Beauty and Anti-Aging

One 5-10 minute facial session per day is sufficient. With consistent use you can expect to tone and lift your face while developing a healthy glowing complexion. 

Stress, Anxiety, and Mental Health 

We recommend one 10-15 minute session per day. However, this is depending on your goals.

  • Active Stress: Use the pen to help calm a restless mind, reduce sensations of anxiety, lift your mood, or even improve your sleep. We recommend using the pen 5-20 minutes in this scenario. 
  • Stress Prevention: To stay on top of your mental health, enjoy a 10-minute self-care session either at the start or end of your day, each day.

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