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Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your Fusion Pen

The Fusion Pen has a lot to offer – from pain relief to digestive support, more energy to fewer wrinkles, there are so many ways we can harness this simple self-care technology to improve our overall health and wellness.

However, it is important you use the right strategies to ensure you get the most our of your pen. Here we'll discus simple ways you can get the most out of your Fusion Pen.

Handling Your Massage Pen

To get comfortable handling your massage pen, first, take a few moments to hold the pen while it’s off. Make sure you can reach the areas you are trying to treat and find the most comfortable way to lie or sit during your treatment.

What's the zap in my hand? 

It is perfectly normal to feel an electric current going through your hand when in use. This is because the pen uses your hand and body to ground the electricity. The sensation typically feels like a pulsing or twitching but becomes more noticeable when you set the pen to a higher intensity. We always recommend starting with the lowest setting and gradually increasing the intensity to match your comfort level. It is also beneficial to make sure you are holding the pen with your whole hand to reduce the current intensity. 

Using Contact Gel

Using a contact gel will provide you with the best experience. Water-based gels are safe to use wth the pen and help it easily glide over your skin. Contact gels are also great to use for the following reasons; 

    • Gentler Treatment: Allows the pen to smoothly glide over your skin.
    • Enhance Benefits: Increases the comfort of the treatment by smoothing delivery of the electric current. 

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